Augnito Voice Services

Built to power clinical softwares with voice intelligence.
Augnito Voice Services provides APIs & SDKs that integrates seamlessly with any EMR/HIS/PACS/RIS to drive the efficiency of healthcare professionals.

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Easy Integration

Quickly get started with code references & SDK


Real-time Speech Recognition

Get quality documentation at source with real-time text output


Customised Text-formatting

Use your own preferences for abbreviations, hyphens and other formatting


Noise Robustness

Built for noisy environments with state-of-the-art technology


Natural command & control

Drive your EMR/HIS with intuitive voice commands

Voice User Interface drives the Continuum of Care

Clinical documentation has always been critical for healthcare professionals for billing, insurance, medico-legal purposes and analytics to achieve better patient care. Augnito plays a critical role in large scale adoption of EMRs by making the process efficient. Free up your doctors’ time enabling them to focus on the patient, rather than typing into a screen.

Radiology Transcription Software
Best Accurate Medical Speech Recognition Software

Best accuracy rates in medical speech recognition globally

Get the high accuracy right out-of-the-box with Augnito’s deep learning AI which accurately understands diverse accents with no profile based training. It contains the entire language of medicine built into it which covers 50+ specialities and sub-specialities. It is also updated with all popular generic and brand drug names.

Eliminate hundreds of clicks with easy voice commands

Communicating through your voice is the most intuitive interaction which doesn’t require any learning curve. Doctors can perform complex multi-click actions such as medicine ordering by naturally speaking to Augnito, through the power of latest Natural Language Processing algorithms.

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