Augnito App

Designed to offer mobility and freedom to doctors. Augnito app combines high quality Medical Speech Recognition with a Smart Editor, so you can complete complex medical reports on-the-go.

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Medical Speech Recognition App



Real-time Speech Output

Create your reports at the speed of thought


Easy sharing

Share your reports via WhatsApp, Email and other apps


Built-in Smart Editor

Voice controlled smart editing and formatting


Works in Mobiles & Tablets

Available for both iOS & Android


Go hands free with Bluetooth Headsets

Works with all popular devices such as Airpods

Experience freedom like never before

We understand your need for mobility and flexibility. Now carry this powerful Voice AI in your pocket, everywhere. You can dictate, edit and format your reports on the go and share them easily via emails or WhatsApp.

Augnito Voice Recognition AI
Medical Transcription Dictation

Dictate while reading scans on mobile

Got an emergency case in between your vacation? We’ve got you covered. Augnito can capture dictation and convert to text, even while you scrolls scans on the mobile.

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Get your templates & macros on mobile

Easily upload your templates from the web and use them on the mobile app. You can also create macros on the app to dictate short phrases for long paragraphs which get repeated across reports.

Medical Dictation App